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It’s a hammock. It’s a gear loft. It’s a swing. It’s a chair. It’s whatever you want it to be. We began demoing this product at trade shows earlier this year and the response was amazing. Hunters loved it as a quick-setup chair, parents loved it as a mini hammock for the young ones, and hammock campers everywhere rejoiced. The days of cuddling up next to your pack in the hammock or hanging it in a tree are over – the VersaTrek is here. Because Your Gear Deserves A Hammock Too: When setup over or under your hammock (make sure you have an extra hanging kit or your own rope) you’ve got a perfect place to store your pack, clip your water bottle, headlamp, etc. and keep all your gear within easy reach. When setup underneath our V9 Strong Tarp, you’ll sleep soundly knowing your gear is dry and off the ground. Hammock Chair/Swing: While we think hammocks are great for sleeping in, there are a lot of times when you just need to get off the ground and sit comfortably. The VersaTrek is lighter and stronger than any camping chair and gets you off the ground in style. Cook your food at the campsite, take a break while hunting, or just swing your troubles away on the front porch. The VersaTrek can easily be hung from a single overhead branch/post (just make sure it’s strong enough to support your weight!). Junior Hammock: Sure, bringing the whole family into the Trek Light Double is fun, but when it’s time to kick back and relax you’ll want to make sure the kids have their own hammock to nap in. At only 5′ long the hammock is a perfect way to introduce your little ones to the joys of a hammock. Our No-Flip Design™ means you can rest easy, but please remember you should never leave young children or infants unattended or unsupervised when in a hammock. How Do You Use The VersaTrek? Ever since we began testing the roduct we’ve heard countless creative ways it’s been put to use: As a bear pouch (hoisting your food up into a tree), as a drag-anchor when boating or kayaking, even as a sling/tourniquet in a backcountry injury. Let us know how you put the VersaTrek to use! Dimensions:5′ x 2′ Weighs only 7oz and holds up to 400lbs!



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