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0 —– For more information, contact: Jack Cook, (252) 256-2557, ReMAX-Alpha Realty —– This exceptional estate offers a premier southern Pine Island location with unobstructed ocean and bay views. The architecture,design, and furnishings are inspired. The generously proportioned bedrooms are complemented by a theater, game room, and sports lounge. The gracious outdoor living areas showcase a full feature pool and cabana and extensive sunning and ocean view decks. The prestigious Corolla address offers easy access to Duck. This home is also available weekly for 995 and is shown by appointment only. Lavishly appointed in the Colonial Bahamian style, this home makes luxurious island life effortless. **saltwater pool with heater ** pool side cabana** 21 flat screens ** 2 pool tables ** full bar ** multiple fireplaces ** hammocks,handicap friendly ** elevator, sauna ** library custom murals ** double garage with hvac **

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Failing to properly maintain a deck can lead to expensive damage, rot & fading. Whether you own Castle Rock real estate, or Glen Allen real estate, if you have a deck, there are a few things you can do to prolong the life. Even composite decking should be cleaned once a year and stains should be treated immediately so they won’t soak in.

  • Clean the decking thoroughly at least once a year. To save time, use a pressure washer instead of a scrub brush & bucket of soapy water. To avoid damage to the wood, don’t set the power too high on the power washer. Many people think that a scrub brush and bucket is the best way to get all cracks and crevices.
  • Stay away from cleaners that contain bleach. Bleach will fade the wood & can also reduce effectiveness of sealants.
  • Check all railings and make sure they are secure. This should go without saying, but they can be a safety hazard that can cost you thousands in medical bills, too.
  • Leafs & other debris can accumlate between boards if not dealt with regularly. Insects also love to hide there. Space between every board should be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Although staining isn’t necessary every year, sealing is a very good idea. A sign that you need to reseal your deck is when water stops beading. Wood naturally expands & contracts when it gets wet, so keeping that moisture out is extremely important.
  • Don’t use nails to secure the deck. Deck screws work much better. Most deck boards are screwed down, although some cheaper and older decks have nails, which will need to be hammered down every year. After a while, boards will come loose & might warp or split. You’ll need to occasionally replace them. Careful attention should be paid to loose boards for safety reasons, too.
  • Be sure to keep deck furniture that is proned to rust in storage during the winter months. This isn’t a problem if you have plastic furniture, but can be if you have metal tables and chairs.
  • To avoid mold and rot issues, be sure to remove any/all debris as soon as possible. A dry deck is a healthy deck.

Keep the above tips in mind & you could extend the life of your deck by two or three times.

This article was provided by Automated Homefinder, LLC.

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