Quiet Time


The weekends are made for relaxing right? This is the perfect way to spend your weekend. We invite you to grab your better half and enjoy some quiet time in the Panama Hammocks Caribbean Extra Large Yellow Hammock. It’s big enough for two and made of soft breathable cotton. The solid cloth construction means it’s not as easily damaged from snags. Panama Hammock Co. hammocks do not use a wooden spreader bar on each end so we recommend lying diagonally to spread the hammock out creating a flatter surface. Recommended for use indoors or outdoors the rich colors and superior comfort of this hammock will have you convinced you are relaxing on a tropical beach. This hammock features crisp white and bold yellow stripes. A tiny pinstripe of red and navy lines the yellow stripe giving the hammock a unique touch and a little extra dimension. Many of our customers who have traveled abroad have loved the style of Mayan Nicaraguan and Brazilian hammocks because of their high comfort level. These hammocks are often used as beds so feel free to use them to their full potential.Hanging Hardware sold separately. About Panama HammocksBased in Santa Barbara CA Panama Hammocks brand specializes in cotton canvas hammocks that are beautiful comfortable and cool. The Caribbean Collection is inspired by the beautiful colors found in the Caribbean islands and the beaches of Panama. Each one of their hammocks will add a bit of Caribbean flavor wherever they are hung. They have chosen these hammocks because they were their favorites growing up in Panama.



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