A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Merida, Mexico by TravelPod blogger Hodge. See this TripWow and more at Home of the Hammocks “What is the *******n point of mosquitos??? I left Flores in Guatemala two days ago at 6am. My original plan was to spend a day in San Ignacio in Belize then head up to Merida, this soon changed. I´d been feeling a little under the weather so I decided in the morning to try and get a bus straight through to Chetumal in Mexico, the bus was going that direction anyway. I slipped the bus driving 10 dollars and he agreed to let me travle the extra distance. Around lunch time we crossed the border to Belize, A warm welcome as everyone speaks English, I soon noticed after I got no response from Buenas Dias. 2 hours later I said goodbye to Felicity in Belize City and headed north to the border. Another 4 hours I was across the border, to my relief as I didn´t get an exit stamp when leaving the country 2 weeks ago. At this point my cold had got worst and I was considering staying in Chetumal for one night, but decided to push on. At the bus station I managed to get my hands on some pencilin and medicine for what was now a full blown chest infection. What was frustrating was that there was no buses to Tulum, so I decided to bit the bullet and get an over night bus ride to Merida on the opposite coast of Cancun. I had to wait from 4pm to 11pm for my bus, during that time I meet a local Mexican called Wilbert. My


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