How to Make a Woven Celtic Cross (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT


PFT-V2 Pre-Order Link: The Woven Celtic Cross calls to a time long ago when the beliefs of the Celts fused with those of Christian…

wind chimes

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June 22, 2013

roganbuzz @ 6:21 pm #


propableself944 @ 6:27 pm #

I dont care. Tell something to this bracelet. Isn’t it a buauty?

Aaron Loomis @ 6:40 pm #

Video won’t play. Screen says NO STREAM

TyingItAllTogether @ 6:48 pm #

Are you on your computer? You should still be able to watch it, just not
through a phone App.

usf slm @ 8:30 pm #

how mush para cord did you use. im a 7 inch wrist

gullinvarg @ 8:57 pm #

Love this. Also, just put in my pre-order W00t!. :) Now the looooong wait
til it gets here (well, it will seem long). ;)

Kevin Gagne @ 9:52 pm #

Awesome. Thanks for the mention.

Knotty Notions @ 10:49 pm #

*What would you call this fibre technique?*
JD’s latest (Woven Celtic Cross) is an interesting beast. It’s not really
a *sinnet*. The start and end are *knots*, but the main body, not so
much. I’d be tempted to call it a *braid* except for the *round turns*.
So what is it?

Reflecting, what makes this different than, say, the prolong knot ( Hmm, it appears that I
am just blithering. 8-)

#tiat #paracord #braid #howto 

June 23, 2013

BOERNIE1970 @ 4:07 am #

looks very elegant…will try to knot it…thank you very much for your
work! Greetings from Germany…

meencantamalaga @ 9:59 am #

Es precioso! Me encantó.

Gorilla Paracord @ 2:03 pm #

New Video Tutorial from TyingItAllTogether! Learn How to Make a Woven
Celtic Cross Paracord Bracelet!

Danielle Kokkonen @ 10:32 pm #

I am excited to try this. I love all of your video’s and have never noticed
this before but it’s like you were zoomed. After you did the blue loop all
of a sudden your thumbs were huge and took up half my screen. It was blurry
and I had to stop and watch it in the small screen view :(

Killapeelz @ 11:49 pm #

Where do you buy all you 550 at?

June 29, 2013

Paul Hughes @ 7:14 pm #

One of my favorites so far. Gonna try tomorrow. Thanks J.D.

July 10, 2013

theemutsenfabriek @ 7:59 am #

that book is about survival knots and if you’re lost in a forest or on a
place with stones and the like you would be happy to have something between
your feet and the ground, beleive me XD

August 12, 2013

shatha alomer @ 1:00 am #

August 29, 2013

Sandra Cunha @ 8:12 am #

Lindo,obrigado por ensinar-videos maravilhosos.

September 12, 2013

SpazzyBoy26 @ 5:43 pm #

I’m using 550 and it is not turning out the way I want.

October 23, 2013

света антощук @ 1:01 pm #

Очень интересный у вас канал огромное спасибо!

December 14, 2013

iamtingley @ 5:33 am #

this will destroy you… love it

February 3, 2014

SweetCandy! @ 8:03 pm #


February 17, 2014

Samuel Massey @ 2:00 am #

you suck

March 18, 2014

axelin lkin @ 11:00 am #

that material is used?

March 29, 2014

Garrett Froelich @ 9:32 pm #

you should really take in your videos or just talk over it after you are
done making it because talking helps people learn better. And go slower
with the intricate knot and loops

May 1, 2014

Philip Aspinall @ 12:56 am #

This would look rad with leather

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