Double Hammock Rebozo Tutorial


How to do a double hammock rebozo with a woven wrap.

wind chimes

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March 13, 2013

Katy Spence @ 2:32 pm #

I’ve been wondering how you did this. Thanks for the video!

importedmama @ 6:18 pm #

gpnna have to give it a whirl :-)

March 14, 2013

mommy2Aleyna @ 12:43 am #

I’m going to give this a try thanks for the video!

March 16, 2013

botanicalbeauti204 @ 10:51 pm #

Do you feel like Falko slides down after wrapping? I wrapped my lo and she
seemed to slide down little bit by little. Even when I tighten the rails.
Any suggestions?

botanicalbeauti204 @ 10:51 pm #

TIA :)

March 20, 2013

TheRosa1337 @ 8:05 pm #

One of the prettiest way to tie a wrap IMO

May 15, 2013

rebecca hawkins @ 5:50 am #

awesome! x

June 10, 2013

WormBabyZ @ 9:58 am #

I’ve found that 99% of slippage problems are due to the wrap job not being
as tight as it should be. The wrap you use can also be a factor, since some
wraps glide more than others. I also like to start with my son a few inches
above where I want him to end up. That way, if there is any settling, he
stays within the area that’s comfortable for me. Hope that helps!

WormBabyZ @ 10:07 am #

Do you find the that this variation seems to “carry” a bit lower than the
standard double hammock?

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