Camping in the Wild – Spain – Ep. 1 (Tarp, hammock and thunder)


A couple of days out, filmed with an Iphone 3GS and edited with Splice for Iphone. Nothing fancy. Just for fun! :)


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November 12, 2011

daveswildcamping @ 7:16 am #

Loved it, that’s better than hotels looks a beautiful spot.

April 8, 2012

OSORobsonSantos @ 5:30 pm #

Friend, I’ve done this when I was much younger and I know how good it feels
that freedom! Resembles a song from Lou Reed (News-Sensations “I took my
GPZ out for a ride”). Congratulations! Oh, do you need a knife? Amigo, eu
já fiz isso quando era bem mais jovem e sei como é bom sentir essa
liberdade! Lembra muito uma música do Lou Reed (News Sensations-”I took my
GPZ out for a ride”). Parabéns! Ah, tu precisa de uma faca?

Daniel Laplander @ 11:07 pm #

I didn’t know about that song but a a matter of fact, my last bike was a
Kawa GPZ, lol! I did bring a mora with me (being from Swedish Lapland and
all, but it was in the pack I think. Thanks for the comments! :)

April 9, 2012

OSORobsonSantos @ 8:51 pm #

Sorry,is ‘NEW’ Sensations /watch?v=CXzNlHXKAuM&feature=related “I took my
GPZ out for a ride the engine felt good between my thighs The air felt
cool, it’s was forty degrees outside I rode to Pennsylvania near the
Delaware Gap sometimes I got lost and had to check the map I stopped at a
roadside diner for a burger and a coke… They was arguing about football
as I waved and went outside and I headed for the mountains feeling warm
inside I love that GPZ so much, you know that I could kiss her”

January 10, 2013

phillip griffiths @ 3:40 pm #

hi there Phill here . . . . where about in Spain, do you live? i think i,v
been to that lake!!! we live in el campello on the N332 . . .. hope to chat
soon .

January 19, 2013

Daniel Laplander @ 5:24 am #

I can’t tell you exactly where it’s located here on this channel, but it is
in the Malaga-province. Thanks for commenting though. :)

September 13, 2013

Ruben Perez @ 4:15 am #

Hola Dani , espero que no te moleste mi comentario : cuando hay tormenta ,
lo mas peligroso es ponerse debajo de los arboles y mas aun ponerse debajo
de un toldo , tienes que intentar llega a una zona despejada, un Saludo y
Gracias por tus vídeos !!!

Daniel Laplander @ 4:54 am #

Hola Rubén! Llevas razón. Lo que pasa es que estuve en una cuesta bien
pronunciada con

Daniel Laplander @ 4:56 am #

…con mucha altura de la colina detrás de mi. Relámpagos suelen dar al
punto más alto. Sin embargo, gracias por el aviso. :)

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