Ancient Handwoven Textiles in Florida


In the 80′s, a housing development site off Cape Canaveral in Florida beca me a highly publicized archeological site. The Windover peat bog has the perfect p…


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May 20, 2013

Brandon Miguelez @ 4:30 pm #

I “pacifically” like this video.

September 7, 2013

Kris Farquhar @ 11:06 pm #

Wonderful presentation – well-made video honoring an EXCEPTIONAL
archeological discovery. One comment I question, however. From what I have
researched, the people/mummies found at the Windover Bog site were not
Native Americans. They were Caucasion and red-haired.

September 8, 2013

Kris Farquhar @ 1:52 am #

One more note, if I may… it was their well preserved brain material that
allowed geneticists to examine and track the Caucasoid DNA and there was
never a mention of the color hair. Please excuse my last comment. Thank
you. I will attach a video.

September 15, 2013

michael merrival @ 8:23 pm #

in the book “Life and Death at Windover”, the author said that at the
beginning of the discovery of those graves, she left a man there to guard
the graves, and when she returned he was running down the road with a
horrified look on his face, and they asked him what was wrong, and he
yelled, saying that “there were Indians running around all over out there”,
and notice he didn’t say “whitemen”. So indeed those are Indians in those

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