Hammock for your main bed?


Has anyone tried this?

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June 30, 2011

criticsview @ 7:31 pm #

Always wanted one since watching Gilligan’s Island.

Fotoez @ 8:26 pm #

Not as a main bed, but out in the yard in a hammock my naps are VERY

SuperUnknownMC @ 9:40 pm #

1 year ago today we did are meet up. That was a graet day

ToastToGo @ 10:13 pm #

I want a hammock…that sounds like fun.

July 1, 2011

Gogosor @ 3:31 am #

I’ve used a hammock, for napping, not sure about spending 8 hours in one, I
would probably fall out first thing in the morning.

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 6:15 am #

@britex3186 I don’t get motion sickness but I would try some type of mount
for less back and forth because I am thinking the side motion may wake me

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 6:18 am #

@67kneil I have slept on a carpeted floor with nothing but a blanket. When
I drove a truck it helped my back and I had no more back pain driving. Now
my mattress is the hardest one Sealy makes.

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 6:33 am #

@SalaciousShadow Yeah hard to hang a couch on strings. Keeps tipping. ;)

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 6:37 am #

@p0kerp1aya If I sleep wrong my back aches all day so I understand what you
say about the recliner.

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 9:14 am #

@EverydayRiding If I hear a few good stories from people who have actually
used one for two weeks or more I may try the cheap sheet and hook method.
At least for a nap.

vipor29 @ 10:47 am #

i have not been in a hammock in years and its actually comfortable i would
not mind having one

Fudmottin @ 12:35 pm #

Never tried a hammock. Do you get rope marks? I like my waterbed. Yeah, it
takes up space. And it’s not one of the fancy ones with storage drawers and
stuff built in. Very basic frame. But I sleep better on it than on any
spring mattress or the floor.

yurkia360 @ 3:21 pm #

I HAVE slept in a hammock as my regular bed when I was going to college.
was only for about a month or two. truthfully some of the best sleep I have
had. Basement floor joists FTW.

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 9:44 pm #

@vipor29 I have only been on a hammock maybe two or three times as I
remember. They seemed comfortable enough.

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 9:45 pm #

@Fudmottin If it’s a rope hammock I guess you do. I was thinking of a sheet
of material for making one myself with high enough sides that I don’t fall

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 9:48 pm #

@yurkia360 Thank you, this is what I was looking for. Someone who has tried
it for more than just camping a couple of nights on one.

July 4, 2011

cash storeone @ 1:34 pm #

I spent the night on the hammock last night. The thing with a hammock is
that if you start the swinging it only lasts about 5 minutes and then it’s
still again. I do find the swinging relaxing. I had to figure out how to
get in the right position as I was not use to it. I figured it out where I
could be comfortable, and slept fairly well without any back pain. My
hammock is on my 2nd floor deck. So I had the wind and other elements (we
don’t have bugs), as it rained too. Perhaps tonight.

July 9, 2011

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 12:32 pm #

@CreativeHamster So far it’s running all positive and no negative. Thanks
for the info.

July 17, 2011

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 6:21 pm #

@theSMYRNAcowboy I think a trial run as a nap hammock may be my first test.

August 23, 2011

alorcay106 @ 8:04 pm #

I’m a chick lol and have slept in a Mayan Hammock for the past 8 months and
Love it. I had pretty bad back pain that I don’t have anymore at all. It
does take some getting used to if you get motion sick like I do lol it
takes a min to get used to. Also when people think of hammocks they think
of the standard hammock with the spreader bars. The ones you sleep in don’t
have spreader bars. They can though be pretty cold if you don’t wrap a
blanket around you to sleep.

April 2, 2012

Noahs Ark @ 5:22 pm #

Two years now sleeping in a mayan hammock. Love it, love it, love it. A
hammock embraces the body, no pressure spots.

Noahs Ark @ 5:26 pm #

My hammock hangs corner to corner. When I get up, I tie a lace around the
middle then take one hook to the other, grab the lace and hook it. Hammock
now hangs fairly flat against the walls. Room is then used for tv viewing
or reading with a comfy recliner.

June 19, 2012

areyouserial @ 12:38 am #

I slept in one for a year and it was more comfortable than a mattress and
stopped all of my tossing and turning. There are no pressure points. Your
spine and body settle into a natural position. Also, in summer it’s easy to
stay cool, so I no longer needed a fan at night. You can’t “swing” in them
since once you get in there’s nothing to give you momentum.

November 4, 2013

cbrstunter24 @ 3:32 am #

I’ve slept in a hammock pretty much every night for the past 5 or 10 years.
It’s a cacoon type hammock and it’s hanging in my basement. It’s extremely
comfortable and I love it! It’s really become second nature to me

suburbanryder - The Mayor - @ 7:05 am #

That is great.

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