Nursing a newborn in a woven wrap



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November 24, 2011

19shellyma75 @ 6:51 pm #

Fantastic, and I felt it was pretty discreet!!

December 9, 2011

englishwithlarisa @ 12:01 pm #

how long is your wrap? I have a 4.2 and wondering if i can do the same
carry position with it.

tooralei @ 2:08 pm #

Hi! My wrap is 4.6 meters long. I can just barely do a Front Wrap Cross
Carry in a 4.2 m wrap. You might be able to do it! Give it a shot! If you
don’t have quite enough length, try a Front Cross Carry. :-)

January 8, 2013

SuperStephyBear @ 12:19 pm #

Your videos are helping me a lot. I’m pregnant with my second and will be
using a wrap for the first time. I was a little nervous at first but your
videos are making me feel like I can do it. Thank you.

February 22, 2013

Lucy Woodman @ 4:30 am #

The looks like a nice soft wrap, what make is it?

tooralei @ 10:06 am #

It is a nice, soft wrap! It’s a 100% cotton woven wrap. The brand name is
Didymos and the color name is Eva.

Lucy Woodman @ 10:38 am #

I have a Girasol, but it’s not very soft :(

April 26, 2013

Alex Taylor @ 1:04 pm #

Your videos have been really helpful for me wrapping/wearing my 5 week old
boy! I was trying to figure out BF in a FWCC and I think this might have
given me the confidence I needed! I have a didymos india which I love but I
think I need something with stripes to help with the pulling and tightening
as I keep grabbing the wrong end and tightening the bottom instead of the

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