Shepherd’s Carry/half double hammock w/ woven wrap


Variation of double hammock that can be done with shorties (size 2,3,4). *do not attempt back carries with stretchy wraps like a Moby*


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August 3, 2013

Lisa Sontag @ 1:53 pm #

Looks like this puts pressure on the breasts no? U think this is a good carry for a 1/2 hr walk?

Jennah Watters @ 6:05 pm #

If you are very large breasted, maybe. But it actually ties right ABOVE the breasts, so I find it very comfy and definitely good for a half hour walk.

Jennah Watters @ 6:06 pm #

If you find Back Wrap Cross Carry or Secure High Back Carry comfy/uncomfy, this is similar (but with less of a knot, so I’d say more comfy than those two).

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