Hammock Chair Mode – Amazing Wilderness Camp / Hammock Chair


This is a little bonus video to give you more details on how get the most comfort out of your hammock chair. We might also be showing off the strength of the…

wind chimes

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April 23, 2013

TomsBackwoods @ 10:22 pm #

Yup now its official! You can sell me that!

EconoChallenge @ 10:57 pm #

Send me an email with your address.

TomsBackwoods @ 11:13 pm #

Sent ya a PM..I dont have your email address :(

April 24, 2013

saradreaming @ 12:00 am #

Love it! Like the multi use too.. After all that swinging, your going to need a place to rest.. : o)

Naturliebe @ 1:45 am #

Cool set up and excellent test.
yeaha swing brother, looks like you had fun. :-D
☮ Tito

EconoChallenge @ 8:31 am #

This is a lot of fun for me. Thank you so much for watching!!!!

EconoChallenge @ 8:32 am #

Who said we had to grow up?  Right?

CampSmarts @ 8:26 pm #

:-) That swinging made me happy! I love using it like that. I also really enjoy the position with the backrest. Check my photos on my facebook page. I have one there where I’m using it that way :-) I got some straps at Canadian Tire that had a loop big enough that I didn’t need to use a carabiner. It’s certainly more practical! – Christine

EconoChallenge @ 10:59 pm #

Thank you for sharing your facebook link. You looked very comfy. I am taking the gram weenie advice and ditching the carrabiners also.

April 26, 2013

RDPproject @ 9:25 pm #

I can just imagine someone walking near by. With all your grunting and groaning when you were swinging in it.. 1:20 ….”There he goes, wrestling with bears again”……..lol

EconoChallenge @ 9:31 pm #

Ya .. LOL now that you mention it … that would have been funny to see. I have learned to get far off the trail so I am not disturbed … or embarrassed while filming. Some people do look at you funny when you are talking to your hand holding a camera. Of course I have no problem posting the results for you guys.

April 27, 2013

saladfork8 @ 1:04 am #

I had the notion you were attempting to match your butt support with your head cover. I was near to believing this was the case until I had done a spectrum analysis. the hat is a lighter hue. :) nice product thanks for sharing!

EconoChallenge @ 8:06 am #

Your observations are correct. After every butt support run I have extra butt support material left over. So I made a hat! LOL

ShoeManShoe68 @ 9:22 am #

The Amazing Wilderness Swing Set! Fun for the whole family!!

PitFireOutdoors @ 11:09 am #

Ha! Unbelievably strong!!
Looks like fun!! 

EconoChallenge @ 12:06 pm #

I find the kid in me when I can get away from other adults and just be in the wild. Ya know?

BornRandy62 @ 2:56 pm #

I have a bunch of mule tape that would work great for your suspension system. woven nylon/fiber strapping about half inch wide that is rated at 1250 lbs.

EconoChallenge @ 3:24 pm #

The short answer is it certainly would work well. The long answer got eaten by a YouTube comment ERROR! Grrrrr.

Wintertrekker @ 10:55 pm #

Very cool! Nice to see a grown man having fun on a swing! “Forever young” is what I say!

April 28, 2013

EconoChallenge @ 7:58 am #

I like to build forts in the woods also. Started when I was old enough to walk and never stopped. LOL

April 29, 2013

dragonflyhiker @ 2:49 pm #

excellent Jeep

saladfork8 @ 4:33 pm #

Ha haa just having fun, take her easy or she’ll fight back :)

May 3, 2013

MrMycoo @ 2:30 am #

It is good to see you swinging! :-)

Denis Kynes @ 7:10 am #

pls send me one. thanks.

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