handwoven bracelet


made out of small glassbeads with needle and thread I was just experimenting with the technique a bit.


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August 7, 2012

Oliveira062 @ 9:48 am #

Beautiful work Lizet !

GoldenMoonraker007 @ 11:04 am #

Very classy Lizet.Red seems a great colour for jewellery,and it looks fabulous with the pink here :-)

MarleneXtreme2 @ 12:57 pm #

Wonderful !
Thanks for sharing, Lizet :-)
Have a lovely evening !

Tommy Sanda @ 1:04 pm #

The good intentions of the invention. What a difficult handmade and a little beautiful bracelet. Lizet you did it so great.

7lizet @ 1:35 pm #

no if you know how it works it is easy
but it looks nice I think
thank you so much

7lizet @ 1:35 pm #

you 2 Irene
and thank you

7lizet @ 1:37 pm #

it is not pink
it are clear see through beads but the thread is pink
so it gives the illusion it is pink
thank you Alan

7lizet @ 1:37 pm #

thank you Fernando ;-)

7lizet @ 5:09 pm #

vielen Dank liebe Inge

onewomanandsomesongs @ 7:15 pm #

Very beautiful, Lizet. You are quite creative and talented. :) Janet

August 8, 2012

7lizet @ 3:24 am #

creaitive yes but not so talented
I just practice a lot ;-)

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