PAXbaby’s Friend! Double Hammock Back Carry Tutorial


THANKS for watching, babywearers! This is a video showing how to do a double hammock back carry with a woven wrap! This carry should only be practiced after …

wind chimes

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December 8, 2012

Patricia G @ 10:04 am #

Ha! As we watched this video (in bed) my daughter climbed on my back.

kababy76 @ 11:26 pm #

Thank you for featuring a plus size mama! Not all of us are a size 2 ;)

December 9, 2012

PennysMommy13 @ 2:32 pm #

you did that swinging over like a pro lol i can never do it so i just front carry lol

importedmama @ 11:47 pm #

Love the grunting !

December 12, 2012

sugarmommaless @ 11:48 pm #

I love the way you did the chest pass! Also wonderful to see a big beautiful mama in a wrap video. There’s not enough diversity of bodies shown in most videos.

December 13, 2012

booshnuggz @ 12:19 am #

love this!! thanks! How old is your little one?! just wondering if my almost 2 year old is too big!!

StheVegan @ 2:50 am #

This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.

December 14, 2012

Jackie Recznik @ 9:05 am #

My LO is 2 years old and 37 pounds :) Booshnuggz your baby is not too big!

January 15, 2013

Annette Hardin @ 8:19 pm #

Great video, thanks so much for sharing mama!!

January 19, 2013

RaeRae1706 @ 4:38 pm #

Thank you! I can never get the pass in the back without my husbands help as I am plus sized too. Off to try your method! Thank you!

January 27, 2013

Sheena Lentz @ 2:33 am #

Finally! Thanks :)

January 29, 2013

Lynne Andrews @ 9:36 am #

Love this! So glad to see a plus size mama video, YAY! The grunting is adorable lol

February 2, 2013

McKenze Bivins @ 10:11 pm #

Does this momma have a channel?? Nice to see another plus sized mama she has good suggestions!!

February 9, 2013

Kelly Clawson @ 10:51 am #

Great to see another plus size mama showing how to babywear! The skinny mamas always make it look so easy. Thanks for making the video!

February 13, 2013

nins1988 @ 10:24 am #

Thank u!

March 2, 2013

emmaraekidd @ 10:40 pm #

She needs to do more videos! Love her voice she speaks clearly and gives good instruction

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