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More details Amaƶon.ᴄom is.gd El Large The El Campesino hammock from Lazy Bandido is the perfect hammock for the tired farmer who wants to relax indoors, outdoors, or between a pair of sturdy and willing oxen. The hammock is hand-woven by skilled artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua using a double weave technique for ultimate comfort and durability while allowing hammock to stretch and conform to your individual body shape. The hammock supports 400 pounds and the bed portion measures 7 feet long by 4 feet wide. Large enough to fit any adult, some small couples, and certain small horse breeds. The hammock ends hang about 10 feet apart and require a minimum hanging space of 10 to 12 feet for comfortable use. Includes 1 hammock. Spreader pillow and hanging kit not included. The El Campesino hammock features an orange, blue, yellow, and white stripe pattern. 1-year warranty with 100% refund for any reason.


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