Etsy How-To: Fuse Plastic Bags!


Etsy Labs Technician Anda Lewis shows us how to fuse plastic bags in this short tutorial. Using plastic bags you get at the grocery store, you can create your own reusable shopping bag! Check out the Storque ( Etsy’s online magazine for more earth-saving tips and articles!

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April 2, 2012

sonaturaltv @ 5:05 pm #

Very cool, and great way to reuse!

April 8, 2012

AdmiralGilgamesh @ 1:41 am #

It’s Etsy; who isn’t high on that fucking site?

AdmiralGilgamesh @ 1:45 am #

I was not high enough to watch this video.

May 25, 2012

moderator justin @ 3:56 am #

do you speak to your mother like that?
you dont need to say that word
this video is viewed in all ages so pls
no talking like that

moderator justin @ 3:58 am #

your right!…i agree with you but these can be useful,but
can be dangerous to environment too

AdmiralGilgamesh @ 8:54 am #

I do actually and we have a wonderful relationship.

Profanity is a social construct and has no real effect on the conduct and values of society.

May 26, 2012

moderator justin @ 1:39 am #

you have no respect!

moderator justin @ 4:34 am #

How old are you?
the profanity your’re saying is a BAD MORAL VALUE even on your community
and even it will be inherited on others
…and if you want others respect you, respect them
this will reflect on your mother
if you’re doing a bad menners to others, means you have no respect to your mother…
and no respect to god

moderator justin @ 4:35 am #


AdmiralGilgamesh @ 5:05 pm #

Well, I’m actually an adult.

Profanity has no real negative feedback on society. If this were true, the same words would have held the same meaning throughout time. Take humbug for example. It was considered profane a little over a century ago, and no it’s a word associated with Charles Dickens. It was even considered profane to refer to the leg of a chicken as a thigh!

AdmiralGilgamesh @ 5:07 pm #

Not everyone is religious so don’t expect someone to believe in God like you do. In fact if you want to talk about profanity, spelling the name of God with a lower case letter is considered profane by some. So you’re a hypocrite.

If you considered taking God’s name in vain directed towards “bad language”, you need to consider that perhaps taking God’s name in vain is the process of using the name of God to spread an evil and misleading message.
Profanity is bullshit.

May 27, 2012

moderator justin @ 2:39 am #

i know…not everyone is religious……by the way
are you non religious too? and do you mean profanity has no negative effects?
do you mean, for example “disrespect to your mother” is a profane have no negative effects?..but how about on the Bible?How bout the law?

moderator justin @ 2:42 am #

and you’re correct
spelling the name of God in lower case is profane, im sorry bout that
but does it mean profanity has no effects at all?if so now i understand

June 18, 2012

TheToyota79 @ 11:00 pm #

Great video

July 3, 2012

msundurstd @ 8:43 am #

Would be nice if people commented on the video, don’t vent your personal thing.
She stated ventilation; plastics do give off fumes-must be bad?! How hot the iron, i’m guessing a polyester+ /-. If U made a wallet-great! Does it hold up to the bending and flexing? Good vid- THNX

July 15, 2012

ranoutofeyeballs @ 5:33 am #

hahhha @1:44 she purrs

October 18, 2012

BabyBirdx @ 6:07 am #

3.13 green screen fail!

November 4, 2012

TheFallenModders @ 1:20 pm #

Nah, I’m pretty sure she’s high lmao

December 10, 2012

Derek Day @ 3:40 pm #

she makes me uncomfortable

January 9, 2013

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January 31, 2013

FeralTyneMan @ 12:35 pm #

I’m male and I found this really interesting because I’m really into off-grid, recycling type stuff.

February 2, 2013

outdoorzy6 @ 3:41 pm #

ok this was wierd but worth a try because i save my bags to reuse…and never use enough to get em outta the way!

February 12, 2013

coolguy852 @ 5:38 pm #

etsy: WoodberryBarn

March 5, 2013

Darius12235 @ 11:34 am #

u jelly?

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