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My husband and I have a 28 month old son that loves to be worn and wear his own “baby” and I am 7 1/2 months pregnant with a second boy. Obviously, my husband is a great sport and so much fun for not only agreeing to do this but also picking his own song and helping write it even though he thinks my Obi-session is more than a little silly. Here are the lyrics for anyone interested: I love to wear my baby Throw him on my back and I Wear my baby Everybody knows I love to wear my baby When I hit the store the girls come gawkin’ at me Now everybody wants some Obi Mama, Mama, Mama ObiMama, Mama, Mama ObiMama, Mama, Mama I wrap the baby on me These carries I’ll attempt Will blow your mind Pick a wrap, any wrap I’ll ruck or double hammock any time I’ll need a wrap to wear How about Gears, it’s my size Come on down to the front And stand right here and don’t be shy I’ll have you time-travellin’ Have your mind babblin’ People tryin’ to inherit the skill So they askin’ me What that crazy contraption be Yo, meet my crew Tulsa Babywearers, hanging at the library So come one, come all And wrap your kid tonight Prepare to be astounded He’ll be out like a light You know I’m no Pinocchio I’ve never told a lie So meet my doggy Agatha She carries all the time I love to wear our baby (I love to wear him, baby) Every time I touch that wrap he’s Easy to hold (Yes he’s easy to hold) Everybody knows I love to wear our baby (I love to wear him, baby) When I hit the store the girls come gawkin


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February 17, 2013

Somer Johnson @ 10:24 am #

Love it! So cute.

meggriffin2011 @ 10:52 am #

Awesome video, and kudos to your husband for supporting the obi obsession!! :)

6Jhack @ 5:17 pm #


February 18, 2013

jmarsica84 @ 1:34 am #


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