Part 1 – The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Audiobook by Daniel Defoe (Chs 01-04)


Part 1. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Mark F. Smith. Playlist for The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe: The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe free audiobook at Librivox: The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe free eBook at Project Gutenberg: The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe at Wikipedia: View a list of all our videobooks:


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November 14, 2011

Bluce Cloud @ 10:37 am #

thank you!

December 19, 2011

MuziekFan1995 @ 3:53 pm #

I seriously doubt if I’ve done anything usefull in the past hour, to get here…

December 23, 2011

itistheyoast @ 1:38 pm #

yr just reading, are you,,,

January 9, 2012

2009rocketgirl @ 4:25 pm #

who wants to hear this

February 12, 2012

xAlwaysMusicx @ 8:00 am #

von kool savas zu so nem schrott? xD

February 14, 2012

onlywayisup100 @ 2:47 am #

no pictures,,im out

March 7, 2012

Tasya Aulia Afifah @ 4:17 am #

Perfectly perfect!! :D i like it!!

March 31, 2012

annagubasheva @ 1:27 pm #

Каму интересно

April 9, 2012

AAAAAAdddddrrri @ 6:13 am #

well i have already read it

April 10, 2012

Budha Bd @ 6:29 am #

Perfectly …well i reading

April 30, 2012

zealot491 @ 9:51 pm #

So insightful, tell me more.

May 15, 2012

Fernando Justino @ 5:01 am #

Vim parar à história de Robinson Crusoe (por Daniel Defoe) por mero acaso.
Já agora, aproveito o tempo, antes de ir almoçar, para houvir a respetiva
narração. Viva o YouTube
Fernando Justino

May 21, 2012

BoscoStickNick @ 9:16 pm #

I love the story of crusoe but this starting chapter drags a point down and uses words that might be out of certain peoples vocabulary

May 28, 2012

boothl232 @ 4:47 pm #

But should we update classic literature (or change/delete certain words that were of common use for the times) because it “might be out of certain peoples vocabulary”, or offensive to some. I think the problem is that modern education fails to teach proper use of language and so we all suffer as a result. Listen to young people today with their use of slang and curse words in casual conversation. Society suffers just by the frequent use of the “F” word. I wonder how a word can be offensive.

boothl232 @ 4:59 pm #

As I get older reading becomes harder to do. All the good old excuses, lack of time, eyesight getting bad and large print books aren’t sold close to my house (I live in the country) so it’s a long drive just to buy a book. I work nights so getting to the Library (the only government organization worth spending tax dollars for) is hard to do. We need more audio books. I do have a private library in the house, it has a sink, a tub, a shower and a commode so it is very convenient for reading.

May 29, 2012

slogomary @ 2:06 pm #

Thank you for bringing this classic to me, as I don’t see as well as I once did….

May 31, 2012

Dave Youngdahl @ 9:51 pm #

I am an upholsterer. I listen to stuff like this while I work. it’s not quite the same as sitting with the book but it is edifying

June 8, 2012

7778orange @ 6:53 am #

make parts video like part 1 next vedeo part 2

June 13, 2012

henriette756 @ 2:25 am #

Les audio-books.. Excellent.. Auront-ils du succès ? Pas sûr, il faut du temps pour les écouter/lire en anglais.. Il s agit de vieux textes.. Souvent trop long pour certains.. Il faudrait des extraits.. Bon pour les personnes seule, isolées, malades, âgées..

June 29, 2012

yasmen6792 @ 2:54 am #

إيشو دا ؟؟

July 2, 2012

eliguy1 @ 10:27 pm #

I looked up koRn eaten up inside and got this… WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH KORN.

July 4, 2012

wrestlingksa @ 5:39 pm #

تكفون وش تستفيدوون الحين ؟؟ يالله كولو زق حنا باجازة صيفيه لا تودون نفسكم بالدهيه

Jeremy Siedzik @ 9:03 pm #


July 6, 2012

221cherry @ 2:01 am #

Everyone who is saying “How did I get here?” Are the dumb average people of our nation. Ha. They’re probably busy searching up celebrities. Lol. Sad.

July 20, 2012

edoardoc95 @ 8:25 am #

they’re only joking,.. keep calm !

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