Coconut Palm Frond Weaving


A thoughtful look at a long-time palm tree frond weaver named Moku. He has been weaving fronds for 10 years, and it is quite fascinating to watch him form various animals, headbands, and roses in a matter of moments from a regular palm tree frond. Watch him create in this picturesque setting by the sea in Lahaina. *Filmed in Maui, Hawaii


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July 19, 2007

gemgonzales @ 1:49 pm #

Thank you for this great video, and thank Moku for sharing! That is quite a talent, beautiful art with minimal resources. Love it!  /jealous

August 28, 2007

anen21999 @ 10:18 pm #

thank you for sharing this video. we have similar craft in the Philippines.

I like his head band. Did he show you how to make it? kindly post if you have.

August 29, 2007

Joel Beach @ 3:17 am #

he did not show me. or else it would have been in the film. you can contact him at his Myspace page. address at the end of the video. :)

December 23, 2007

klkpalomo @ 8:41 pm #

5 Stars *****

January 29, 2008

thegolddustwoman @ 6:54 am #

nicely done one of my favorites it looks like something that could be seen on pbs. i liked the closeups and i liked that you included his explanation of his crafts. the music was a little cheesy but fitting ;)

May 29, 2008

Joel Beach @ 8:31 am #

I used some music from a Hawaiian compilation a friend gave me. I do not remember the name of the group. :)

June 19, 2008

Jamesbamba @ 7:02 pm #

Hafa Adai, I am a weaver from Guam and we have similar style headband here too. I am just post a “how-to” video of making headband like this on youtube! Check it out. Si Yu’os Ma’åse’ Si James.

July 4, 2008

jemmans @ 1:51 pm #

great video production… thanks

June 19, 2009

ballatutti @ 3:47 pm #

Hello dear, spooly..thanks for sharing videos of traditionals stuffs!

Joel Beach @ 3:52 pm #

You are welcome! Glad you enjoyed my video!

Check out my other profile too on YouTube, search for: joelslife

ballatutti @ 4:09 pm #

I saw Moku’s my space…I used to have an account but years ago.I don’t find it kool or attractif sort of site. Could u do me a favor and tell him to open an account on youtube?? I would be able to communicate in a way… Thank you for your help!!

Joel Beach @ 4:31 pm #

Well, Myspace is the only way I know of to communicate with him. I don’t know if he has a youtube…

August 5, 2011

artmuseumsandsake @ 1:54 pm #

ok this guy is tribally HOT lol

September 9, 2012

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September 17, 2012

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