Rucksack Carry with long Didymos wrap Babywearing Mama


Rucksack carry from standing with didymos wrap. This tie can be used for carrying infants and toddlers on your back, and even used during pregnancy as it doesn’t tie around the waist.

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November 14, 2008

mayabee23 @ 5:59 am #

where can i buy this fabric? what kind of fabric
is it? thanks it was lovely :)

Beth Roche @ 9:50 am #

mayabee23, the fabric is a Didymos wrap, you can buy them from many babywearing sites… the one I used is a red indio weave size 6 – the most versatile size unless you are on the larger side when you’d need a size 7.

ciderbint – glad that you found it useful

December 7, 2008

Teoroy @ 7:54 am #

I am going to try this today as it makes the most sense from the ones I’ve seen Do you think I could do it with a 5 m.o? Thanks

Beth Roche @ 11:19 am #

Absolutely! I began doing this carry when my little one was about that age, and if I have another I’ll probably do it in the first few months! It does take practice, and is always easier if you can get hold of someone who does it to demo it with you, and help you those first couple of times, but also give it a go over a bed at home so it is less scary! I found this carry so freeing, I LOVE IT!!!!! Hope you do too.

January 23, 2009

CarpMagic95 @ 10:26 pm #

Just buy one ready made? surely it has to be easier? Now dont down thumb me, yep im a dad maybe im wrong lol i often am but surely its easier for me to go buy one ready made?

January 24, 2009

Beth Roche @ 2:22 pm #

Yep, you can buy one ready made, there are plenty of them out there. But nothing beats the comfiness of these for me. You might like to look into soft structured carriers (SCS)s like mei tais and buckled types like ergo / patapum / connecta. loook them up. :)

February 2, 2009

t2toned @ 7:11 am #

this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much for the demo

September 13, 2009

soultrinity3 @ 5:10 pm #

I got a Didymos wrap a few weeks ago, it is absolutely fabulous! I also got a Moby wrap for back up, but Didymos is the best!!!!! Yes, they are expensive but worth every penny! I can’t wait til my baby is older so I can do a back carry. Love Didymos!

September 15, 2009

mousseva @ 2:26 am #


February 9, 2011

rinmiester @ 2:19 am #

very nice baby looks so comfey!! this video makes me so excited to get my didymos!

Beth Roche @ 4:16 am #

Thanks rinimiester, Enjoy your Didymos, and remember the tucking under the bum… Practising in front of a mirror and over a bed is cruicial at first. Good luck

March 22, 2011

SuperGranolaMommy @ 5:05 pm #

This is the sweetest rucksack demo I’ve seen! Thanks!

March 23, 2011

Beth Roche @ 1:57 pm #

Thanks SupergranolaMommy, very kind. I still love my Didymos, though now have a new one and a new baby – I love double hammock now! enjoy

September 24, 2011

Claireemmamiller @ 2:05 pm #

I’m so intimidated by this hold but after watching this video three times in a row, I think I’m ready. Thanks!!!

November 11, 2011

muumol @ 5:40 am #

Love how your boy has such character! Like he was cheering when you got the ” tricky” part done! Such a cutie!

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