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Buy Now From AMAZON US is.gd Customer Reviews: “BUY IT NOW. I had one of those enormous (and enormously expensive) cloth hammocks with the spreader bar – hard to get into and hard to stay in. It rotted in the rain (who knew it wasn’t all-weather?) and I had the good fortune of finding Lazy Bandido on my search for a replacement. My search was extensive, and involved returning two other, lesser hammocks – so please let me save you some time. This one will disappear under your body the minute you get into it. But the way it holds you is almost surreal. The weave is sturdy and secure, but light enough to let ever the softest breeze through. Even if you’re not the kind of person who can fall asleep outside (like me) – you will probably wake with a jolt three hours later to find that you’re still in this thing (like I did the first time I got in.) The Irish like to say that “beauty doesn’t boil the pot.” And of course it’s a really beautiful hammock – but the weave, the design and the craftsmanship are what you’re paying for here. The staff are also refreshingly sincere and laid back. The summer’s not even half over – get yourself into one of these – and then the best part of your summer is yet to come.” Product Description El Large The El Campesino hammock from Lazy Bandido is the perfect hammock for the tired farmer who wants to relax indoors, outdoors, or between a pair of sturdy and willing oxen. The hammock is hand-woven by skilled artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua using a

wind chimes

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