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Buy Now From AMAZON US is.gd Customer Reviews: “Have you ever had trouble getting into a hammock with a spread bar? Have you ever tried a “no spread bar” Nicaraguan/Mayan style only to find yourself cocooned like Frodo Baggins by that awful spider? This one’s different. This one holds you without enfolding you, and gently adjusts with every shift of your weight to bring an uncanny feeling of weightlessness. The weave is just thick enough to feel sturdy, thin enough for ventilation no matter how sticky the weather. Yes, it’s pricey, I agree with you. But if you try using it at night when the stars and fireflies are out, you can save a lot of money on hallucinogenic drugs. It’s an experience. I never write reviews – but for real – hit that button over there on the upper right of this screen and your life will get a little better in about 8-10 business days, or whenever it arrives. Viva la Revolucion.” Product Description El Large The El Revolucionario hammock from Lazy Bandido is the perfect hammock for bold, lazy rebels who want to relax indoors, outdoors, or in the company break-room during morning meetings. The hammock is hand-woven by skilled artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua using a double weave technique for ultimate comfort and durability while allowing hammock to stretch and conform to your individual body shape. The hammock supports 400 pounds and the bed portion measures 7 feet long by 4 feet wide. Large enough to fit any adult, some small couples, and certain small

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