El Santo


Buy Now From AMAZON US is.gd Customer Reviews: “There’s an Irish saying: a good laugh and a long nap are better cures than a doctor’s book. I find most hammocks to be weirdly uncomfortable. Either there’s that unwieldy spreader bar – or else the thing binds around you “Mayan-style” – which is why I had an almost pathological obsession with finding the perfect one. I looked at hundreds online, bought and returned two – and finally found what is in my humble opinion the most relaxing piece of woven material on the face of the planet. Why? It’s easy to get in, for one. Once you’re in, it holds you with an almost maternal gentleness, and you can fall asleep and switch positions without it waking you up. These guys make gorgeous hammocks to be sure – but you’re paying for the craftsmanship. It’s not inexpensive – nor should it be. And as long as we’re quoting the Irish, my friend Stephen Murray got into mine and declared: “Jay-sus! And all they wanted for this was your money!!??” (Stephen’s book of poems “House of Bees” is here on Amazon as a quick aside) But he’s right. There’s a cure in these hammocks, and unlike a therapist, you only have to pay them once. Couldn’t recommend more highly.” Product Description El Santo The El Santo hammock from Lazy Bandido is the perfect hammock for pious souls who want to relax indoors, outdoors, or anywhere on Gods green kingdom. The hammock is hand-woven by skilled artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua using a double weave technique for ultimate

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