Making a Hammock part 1


How to make a hammock in less than 2 hours for under . For backpacking or lounging in the backyard, this is a great hammock. Part 1 is a materials list and where to buy them.

wind chimes

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May 14, 2009

OvalVW @ 12:21 am #

Paco, you goofy bastard, never recommend the mall-wart…

July 24, 2010

getmeoutofiraq05 @ 7:08 pm #

one problem with this design is that us extreme lazy people, the ones that like relaxing on hammocks the most, might end up on our butts. try testing it for 300lbs or so and see what happens. then if it doesnt work come up with a better way or not.

July 25, 2010

PacoWarabi @ 12:46 am #

It’s true — I invented this for people my size (150 lbs to 200 lbs).

On the other hand, I have tested it with both my wife and I in it at the same time (over 300 lbs together). It was a relatively short test, but it did hold. There are some modifications that could be done, such as use climbing rope, tubular webbing, heavy-duty biners, etc. I eventually need to make a new video, but I think the principle is still sound.

August 3, 2010

paintballjohn @ 4:53 pm #

What type of fabric is that? nylon? canvas?

PacoWarabi @ 5:46 pm #

It’s some sort of synthetic. It came off a bolt at Wal-Mart that said, “unknown material.” Maybe a poly or nylon. I like to use synthetics that are medium-weight, but I’ve made hammocks from cotton, ripstop nylon, even heavy dress material. The trick is to get something non-stretchy.

April 7, 2012

sumesh vs @ 3:47 am #

Nice video about hammocks making.

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