Whitney Houston Dies: NOT from Crack. Wonderful Voice Inspired Us


We do not own this content. It’s interesting that she is asking Diane Sawyer repeatedly “Do you know?” Whitney Houston said it is a bad photo. I know about bad photos I don’t want posted. Some days I’m bloated from forgetting to consume enough water, and I wouldn’t want to look bloated in a permanent photo. Is Whitney Houston implying that the bones showing are from work utilizing Adobe Photoshop? Not from Crack since ‘crack is cheap’ With over 120 million albums and 50 million singles sold worldwide, Whitney Houston has already established an unparalleled legacy for herself. www.imdb.me/livefearless Transcription of 2002 interview edits with Diane Sawyer: Whitney Houston “I’ve always been a thin girl, I’m not going to be fat ever, let’s get that straight Whitney is never going to be fat, ever, okay” Diane Sawyer: “The Michael Jackson VH-1 Appear…I’m gonna show you the picture” Whitney Houston “That’s a bad shot” Diane Sawyer “Well, it may be a bad shot but this real, I mean, the… the bones, that’s real” Whitney Houston: “Yea my bones, yea, I’m I’m 5’7″ and thin I can understand what you mean.” Diane Sawyer: “But that’s not just thin” Whitney Houston: “No, what is it Diane, tell me… Do you know?” Diane Sawyer: “It’s scary thin” Whitney Houston: “I can believe what you what you feel, I can believe that, but do you really know, do you really know?” Diane Sawyer: “No you know!” Whitney Houston: “Thank you.” Diane Sawyer: “Anorexia” Whitney Houston: “No way.” Diane


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February 12, 2012

bherber @ 10:25 am #

Reporters who are just going to embarass someone like this disgust me.

PePinmySteP @ 10:26 am #

@ha6kox She said to oprah she did cocaine weed and marjuana …

bherber @ 10:26 am #

I would have liked to have seen Diane Sawyer focus on music rather than weight & drugs.

djsoulface @ 10:26 am #

May god bless her soul


@larry5200 I agree with you. Bobby Brown was her downfall.

wasupthere @ 10:29 am #

bobby brown is the son of a bitch who got her in that mess. not only did he made her a drug addict but he also abused her physically n mentally. fat pig i hope u get depress for the rest of ur shitty little life

ha6kox @ 10:30 am #

@PePinmySteP yes but she also did Xanax – an antidepressant. Write antidepressants suicide and you will know more

vuman40a @ 10:30 am #

@larry5200 I know right. I can’t belive he went on stage last night n sang. Ah don’t you think you could have left the concert and went 2 b with your daughter. Bobby was always about Bobby. It’s not like New Edition had 2 cancel the show if he left 2 go with his daughter. Then he broke down on stage. Encore Bobby good acting. u don’t give a shit about anyone accept yourself.It’s about the MONEY. I never liked him when he was with NE and solo. I’m from Boston n have to say I’m embarrased of him!!

TiaRae101 @ 10:31 am #

R.I.P whitney
you will be missed

TheBronx1313 @ 10:37 am #

R.I.P. (((((

CALIBILLS @ 10:38 am #

Everybody needs to understand she is not a hero. There are many heros in society today.
Jesus is the ultimate hero. The question is not “Was Whitney a good person”? She is a sinner like all of us and unless we resist the woes of the devil “good people” will continue to have this kind of outcome. Bobby Brown was a bad influence but Whitney chose her path. She needs to be accountable as well. We are all acountable for the decisions we make.

3117ss @ 10:39 am #

Dianne Sawyer is CLUELESS and antagonistic. It’s what she does best.
More dirty laundry Dianne? journalist? what a joke

TheKenTerry @ 10:40 am #

This is no time to talk about Jesus. Get out of here, we don’t want what you’re selling.

Snowleaper101 @ 10:43 am #

:’(. R.I.P. Whitney Houston

xXYuhaXx @ 10:44 am #

Lol, Search
Roses are red
Rubies are too,
Violets are purple
and not fucking blue…

Isachaninthewolfpack @ 10:45 am #

Shut the hell up, you little ass. This aint about “Jesus” or the devil. This is about Whitney. What the hell is wrong with you?

blewis9505 @ 10:46 am #

Whoa her speaking voice is shot and we know her singing voice was also nowhere to be found. She behaves as if she’s flying high on drugs in this interview. Not honest and, while I don’t like Diane’s approach, I do appreciate she didn’t let Whitney off the hook. Sawyer continued to ask pointed, necessary questions which, as we clearly see, Whitney took offense to. Whitney’s reference to crack being cheap is evidence she was on drugs–the ones she reasoned were (in her mind) high class?!? smmfh

CosmosPrivateer @ 10:47 am #


Heroes, leaders, gods, kings, queens whatever are created in the minds of people that can’t see who they truly are and seek to find that in others.

loveflowers39 @ 10:47 am #

How haertbreaking!!!

sweethotcandy29 @ 10:48 am #

Life on earth is a hard and pain place for everyone. If you have not experienced some kind of pain, disappointment or lose, you have not lived. May God bless her soul and give her some kind of piece & happiness in the afterlife.

MegaGorilla24 @ 10:48 am #

@ RogueAwol and anyone else with your negative comments, she was a musical icon, and should be treated as such. If you have any negative or racist comments, keep them to yourselves, not on the comment section! Racist bastards!

22289529 @ 10:48 am #


NowMyGeneration @ 10:51 am #

@sweethotcandy29 God doesn’t like that whore.

kobebryant2731 @ 10:52 am #

@22289529 due no foul mouths while saying rip to the best singer whitney houston

kobebryant2731 @ 10:53 am #

its show disrespect to her

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