Island Bay XL Forest Green Rope Hammock


Get the Thickest Rope Hammock Available … now in Forest Green! Created from 975 feet of twisted rope the Island Bay XL Forest Green Rope Hammock is not only highly durable but extremely comfortable as well. It’s made of extra-soft thick 8mm rope cord that cradles your body with the perfect amount of support and comfort. The 8mm rope cord is the thickest and most durable you’ll find in the hammock industry. Polyester holds up beautifully through all weather conditions. The bed of this hammock measures nearly 7 feet in length! Plus the bed is wide enough to share with a loved one. This Island Bay hammock features beautiful solid oak spreader bars which make getting in and out of the hammock safe and effortless. These spreader bars are coated with several layers of weather-resistant finish for extra durability. Zinc-plated hanging hardware is included with this hammock so you can hang your hammock and relax in no time. You may find other hammocks out there but beware of small sizes. For its generous size and quality materials this hammock is the best value anywhere. The Difference From One Rope Hammock To Another Some rope hammocks are made with thin rope cord only 4mm to 6mm wide. Our Island Bay rope hammock is made with 8mm rope soft-spun for comfort. The extreme thickness makes the rope much hardier. Thinner ropes wear out faster and may not hold up to inclement weather conditions. Soft-spun 8mm rope cord gives our rope hammock the utmost balance of quality comfort and durability. About Island Bay HammocksIsland Bay Hammocks come to you directly from the skilled hammock artisans of Chennai India. Using the latest technology alongside time-tested traditional methods of construction these hammocks are woven with the pride of their makers.



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