Double Hammock


The Double Hammock is our biggest seller! Measuring in at 6 and a half feet wide and 10 feet long, the Trek Light Double Hammock gives you all the extra width you need, allowing you to really stretch out. Many people prefer to lay horizontally or diagonally across a hammock and the Double truly allows you the room to do so. Use the extra room to wrap yourself up on a cold night, or just to lay next to someone special – it’s up to you! The hammock conforms to your body so you won’t be swallowed up if you’re using it alone, but there’s always plenty of room for two. The Double hammock holds up to 400lbs and only weighs slightly over a pound (20oz) in the pouch. When packed, it’s scarcely bigger or heavier than the Single hammock and provides you with the extra room you’re looking for. When ordering your hammock make sure you view the Accessories tab below! Chances are you’ll want to order one of our hanging kits (need to know what comes with your hammock?) and if you’re planning on camping with the hammock don’t miss our amazing camping add-ons to help you stay dry and bug free on any trip. If you need more info on the accessories before making your decision, click here to check them out in detail.


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