James Bond Sam Botta Roger Moore I Married A Beautiful Woman


www.imdb.me/livefearless Let’s face it, I, Sam Botta, cry at movies. It’s what happens when you are reared knowing that you are loved by family. I wish this for you. It’s not too late. I’m kind of a screenplay junkie, since every work, every mark on the page, every symbol, every expression… has meaning, intentionally there, thought through and alive. Sure it’s an amazing art masterpiece that requires a song’s worth of listing at the end of the movie after all. Nope, I’m not going to tell you to bring the kiddos to see “The Change-Up” but you should see it. Some know that I’ve published novels that “ain’t” in my name because of the advice I give to help folks I care about. Each novel, lovingly written to help them find what I’ve been taught that can give the effect of them leading happier, more fulfilling, constantly evolving lives that affect, in positive ways, the course of human events. Novels? Yes. The bulk can be written in less than a week with focused, inspired moments that come when you finally are able to completely disappear for a few hours from the mediocre expectations from those in your world that live the same habits, yet slightly remixed, each day.


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October 16, 2011

DoubleHelixStrand @ 10:59 pm #

That was pretty pointless.

SkittlesMakeMehCRAZY @ 11:04 pm #

I just typed “roman cathedrals lmao birthday cakes and sprinkles and ponies oh my” into the search bar and THIS is what comes up?

sjsprinterz @ 11:09 pm #

WTF i searched Taco Bell and this came up lol

sjsprinterz @ 11:10 pm #

And also, this was uploaded really recently, and ive seen this multiple time in the past a long time ago

allstarsnorks2 @ 11:18 pm #

This was a recommendation on my video.

nyquil4 @ 11:26 pm #

This shit is like herpes for YouTube

Skibicks123 @ 11:26 pm #

This video’s everywhere! What’s going on?!?!

Brenz360 @ 11:45 pm #

@Skibicks123 same here!

Craziboy135 @ 11:57 pm #

This is on everything I search

October 17, 2011

IllegalShadow760 @ 12:02 am #

How come I always find this must be magical tags

CathleenDJ @ 12:28 am #

This is a related video to almost EVERYTHING I upload! And EVERYTHING I search! Even freaking Anime!!!

XxSkyler665xX @ 12:30 am #

Wtf was this

Gamer25522 @ 12:36 am #

I can’t believe I watched this damn thing!

iluvhomeandaway77 @ 1:02 am #



I searched for “Kottonmouth Kings Pack Ur Bowls Instrumental” and I found this. What the fuck is this? ._.

xalax001 @ 1:06 am #

Why the fuck is this related to all my searches????

LoliLoli83 @ 1:19 am #

@xalax001 Thats what I’m trying to figure out.

TheMicCheck @ 1:23 am #

lol, this is in all my searches, too. My question is, how does it only have 388 views?

pathosis @ 1:45 am #

Perhaps it’s something to do with the Tags, why this is showing up in related searches? I’m not sure.

jarid588 @ 1:47 am #

Its so cold in the d lol

JGmartinezJr @ 1:52 am #

I guess the person who copied this viodeo from the original; account was trying to see if this method works, and it does. Pathetic, to be sure, but it works.

itwontcomeout5678 @ 1:53 am #

roger moore was my favorite bond, but WHY DOES THIS POP UP WHEN I SEARCH FOR PORN

burchified @ 3:13 am #

It’s a trap!

KoolSkoolRadio @ 3:50 am #

Roger Moore the Gent from Stockwell. 100% the best Bond.

92JerichaG @ 5:26 am #

I hate this video!! It comes up for everything I search

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