How to make a fishing net (Doing the knot)


Tying 2 knots in a fishing net, (so you can see how its done)

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July 17, 2008

DUN1066 @ 5:56 pm #

Unfortunatly, I live in the UK. So I really can’t help you their. You could have a go at crafting your own needles.

DUN1066 @ 6:01 pm #

I guess you probably could do it by hand, I have never tried this method. I do think it would make it a lot more hard work as you would have to pull through all the thread/line that you are using and getting the knots tight would be very awkward. If you try this please let me know how you get on, I would find it most interesting. I still advise using the net shuttles.

DUN1066 @ 6:07 pm #

Do you meen the net making shuttles? They are the tools that contain the spool of tread/line to make the net. They could also be described as net making needles. You only need one of those. I have used a second one as a net tensioning spacer, you could use a blank piece of material that is the same outer size. My shuttles are made from wood, but I have also got others made from Aluminium and Nylon .Hope this helps.

July 18, 2008

cholote313 @ 1:18 am #

i willvtry but after where can i get the net shuttles

July 27, 2008

theseasquatch @ 10:24 pm #

The skills live! Glad to see someone else out there makin’ nets. I would say, though, pull back on the net for traction, and your knots will pull off much easier (no need to re-adjust the knot after it is pulled through). Also, loop the twine over the needle before pulling it through when going around the working loop, saving a step. Nice needles, btw– mine are wild pear and hickory from axe handles. Wood just feels better, I say. The Cranberry Isles Militia from Maine salutes you!

July 31, 2008

theseasquatch @ 10:32 pm #

Glad to see another netter out there keeping the art alive! I would make a suggestion or two, however: pull back on the net for tension to let your knots cinch off easier, and when you pass the needle around the working loop, stop when it is sticking up at you (tension will keep it from falling) and pass the loop of twine over the needle, so you don’t have to pick up the hitch after, saving a step, making things go easier. And waaaay faster. The Cranberry Isles Militia from Maine salutes you!

August 11, 2008

56TonyT @ 6:14 pm #

This is a wonderful video but it looks confusing. How did you start the net? Did you tie it to somthing or ancor it and loop out a row of loops to start on then work back and forth with slip knots? That part is fuzzy. HELP! LOL

August 24, 2008

DUN1066 @ 4:49 pm #

Yes I do know that the starting is very fuzzy because I did not cover this in the video clip. I have been meaning to add extra videos on this subject like ‘a walkthrough of the tools used’ and ‘how to start a net’.

DUN1066 @ 4:51 pm #

How I started was to make up a set of loops using slip knots, at approximatly the net diamond size apart from each other, this is then attached to a couple of mounting points(I use a couple of wooden stakes or branches stuck in the ground) so that the working height is right for me when I am sat on my wooden stool.
From this point I can work backwards and forwards using this video technique of ‘former and shuttle’.
Hope this clears it up until I get the time to video the other procedures.

August 27, 2008

wildmanfishingcom @ 12:09 pm #

wow thats a skill, im not sure if i got the patience for that, im knot sure lol hahaha the gags

September 7, 2008

56TonyT @ 8:20 pm #

Will you ever make a new video that shows the detail for starting and finishing a net? You could title it {NETTING FOR DUMMIES}for thick headed people like me. I’m in the pineknot group and in the rope group so I’m not playing with this. I really want to do it!
Tampa Bay Florida

October 19, 2008

maxpullara1 @ 1:29 pm #

Now Im officially confused

January 16, 2009

56TonyT @ 9:38 pm #

This video is slightly out of focus {hard to see and understand clearly} and there is no step by step narration of what is being done. Believe it or not, for anyone [like me] who has never done this before, this looks very confusing. Could you please do a new video?
Tampa bay Florida

February 8, 2009

krustopliegic @ 4:51 pm #

im also very keen to have a go at this and live in the uk where do i get the shuttles?

February 10, 2009

youngergogo @ 2:09 am #

Where do you get the needles for making the nets or do you call them shunts?

March 13, 2009

DUN1066 @ 9:47 am #

I would love to be able to produce a set of more comprehensive tutorial videos. Collecting the equipment needed to make a net, Making tools for net making, How to start making a net & to redo the video I have previously thrown together. But finding the time has been a problem for me. This video was recorded on the spot with no planning, mainly for my benifit & I am pleased that some people have found it useful.

DUN1066 @ 9:51 am #

Hope fully between family/work commitments I will find more time to spend reenacting this summer and then I may be able to produce some more detailed videos. I am unable to record any video during the core day whilst reenacting due to authenticity. I hope this explains.

March 14, 2009

bum8576 @ 11:45 pm #

i think i might have found what i have been looking for. thanks!

April 10, 2009

ashiz777 @ 5:09 am #

can we people have it in detail and complete equipment how it works and how to make all it in similar measurment,

hope you will post it with a planned programe soon waiting for that anxiously

thanks for this

April 13, 2009

july3717 @ 7:50 pm #

can i use yarn and somehow turn these in arm warmers?

April 28, 2009

drunkass77 @ 7:25 am #

i see, you go around the big knitting needle thing and through top loop then around through the loop you just made and then make a knot. I bet after a ten minutes a person could do it without thinking. where did you get the two things at or did you make them?

May 24, 2009

2002806 @ 4:31 pm #

“1.-copy and paste 2.-paste it in 2 different videos 3..hold breath for 10 secs 4.-look at your hands”

May 25, 2009

Jman999000 @ 10:17 am #

whats the best string to use for making the net (i dont want it to rot by the way)

May 28, 2009

DUN1066 @ 5:15 pm #

I hope your description helps others use this video. I feel describer ther action of tying the knot. I was very lucky and found a box of the net needles/shuttles in a charity shop.

DUN1066 @ 5:20 pm #

Can’t really help you with this as I don’t know the propertys of modern synthetic fibres.
I use hemp as it is idea for my re-enactment., modern net makers seem to use modern materials probably due to their strength and durability.

Is nylon the best or is it their somethink better that that? ANYONE?

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