Hatteras Watermark Cool Comfort Quick Dry Hammock


You’ll love the look and feel of the Hatteras Watermark Cool Quick Dry Comfort Hammock. Soft soothing colors are used to make up this sophisticated pattern that will look perfect by the pool. The quick-dry fabric makes this hammock an ideal poolside choice. From the DuraCord fabric to the cumaru spreader bar this hammock is built with the finest materials. Even the heavy steel hardware is zinc-plated for the ultimate in durability. Order this hammock today and start sharing it with your loved one. It’s big enough for two so there’s no fighting over whose turn it is. Hanging hardware is included.Hatteras Hammocks uses custom-designed DuraCord fabrics that are not available on any other hammocks. This solution-dyed acrylic fabric is color-fast stain- and mildew-resistance and built for a long outdoor life. The synthetic fabric features a cotton-like feel for extreme comfort. Hatteras DuraCord colored rope is created from weather-resistant color-fast solution-dyed yarn that has the soft feel of cotton.The spreader bars are constructed of Cumaru wood which is a dense hardwood highly resistant to rot and splitting. It naturally weathers to an attractive silver-gray patina over time without losing its structural integrity. The Cumaru wood also known as Brazilian Teak is harvested from managed forest projects.How does DuraCord differ from other fabrics?DuraCord is a hybrid fiber due to the many alterations that are made to its base ingredient. It is manufactured in a much smaller denier size meaning individual fibers are smaller resulting in more fibers per yarn. The fibers go through a special texturizing process to give it a soft-to-the-touch cotton-like feel. Fibers are de-lustered to take away the shine of the yarn and give it a cotton-like appearance. DuraCord fabrics are abrasion- stain- fade- and color-resistant easy to clean and have 1000+ hours of UV resistance. DuraCord fibers have the all the properties for long outdoor life without a synthetic feel.About Hatter


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