Sahara All-Weather Wicker Rocking Chair


The all-weather resin wicker used on the Sahara Wicker Rocking Chair will look like new years from now making this a great buy. This material stands up to the elements like you wouldn’t believe – even when it’s left outside year round. Available in two classic color options this resin is UV-resistant and while it looks just like the real thing it’s practically maintenance-free. Simply hose it off and wipe it dry. A steel frame offers additional strength against the elements. With its attractive hand-woven pattern this rocking chair has a nostalgic look with a little southern charm. It will be a lovely addition to your porch or sun room. The durable resin makes it great even for poolside use. This chair is sold without a cushion because it’s perfectly comfortable that way. However if you prefer a cushioned seat you’ll have the option of adding a cushion to your cart at checkout.Resin WickerEnjoy the beauty and charm of natural-looking wicker throughout the entire year indoors or out. All-weather resin wicker has the appearance of real wicker even close up. Resin wicker is made of synthetic plastic colored all the way through and stretched over a rattan core. UV-inhibitors prevent this material from fading in the sun. It can withstand all kinds of weather extremes meaning your furniture will never chip break or get brittle and it will look like new season after season. The resin material is hand-woven over a rattan frame resulting in a solid durable base for each piece.


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