How to rig a DD Hammock


My Tips on modifying a DD hammock for a better nights sleep.

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December 30, 2009

seanmulhall @ 12:11 am #

Not when using the tree huggers.

alzabhoy @ 9:50 am #

excellent video just bought a dd hammock and tarp and underblanket..going too mod my hammock now..thanx sean..excellent idea

alzabhoy @ 11:10 am #

hi sean i have just done your mod too my hammock..and i am afraid too say the loop at the end of hammock is no good if you cut it too 1ft or so…because i cut mine too 1ft 6ins and its too short you need at least 2ft at the ends..atb Alza

seanmulhall @ 11:16 am #

Thanks you for your experience. I should have taken mine apart and measured it correctly.

alzabhoy @ 6:57 pm #

its cool sean i just re done it..and the mod is excellent..thanx alza

January 20, 2010

BushcraftOnFire @ 11:52 pm #

Great job Sean..

I’m not sure how I missed this one.. but I’m glad I found it.. Great tip on tightening the hammock.. I will definitely be using that one! Thanks Bro

January 21, 2010

sierra04alpha1966 @ 3:13 am #

Great tip!

January 24, 2010

bennyboyshaw @ 4:37 pm #

Tried this last night with my new hamock, but my back and legs ached! I have never used a hammock before though, was always in a tent on the floor, so first time sleeping in one, are they just a bit of getting used to? Am I being a moaning wimp haha ?

lancejparrish @ 5:46 pm #

Sean, Good video! I just wanted to add a little food for thought. You may also want to consider taking the opposite approach as well. If you’re able to leave your hammock quite loose, you can actually sleep slightly diagonal (on a bias to the centerline) so that your head cants off to one side of the hammock and your feet on the other. I don’t know why, but this actually makes you lie flat instead of the “banana”. It’s what they do in Brazil… So I’m told. Check it out and let use know. Thanks!

January 25, 2010

seanmulhall @ 12:17 am #

I found I ached unitl I got the hammock rigged tight like I have demonstrated.

seanmulhall @ 12:18 am #

I will give your technique a try. Thanks.

bennyboyshaw @ 2:14 pm #

Yeah I had it tight like this copied what you done exactly, but I didn’t have it as tight as it really pushed my shoulders in as I’m fairly stocky, but I’ll keep trying. I love this technique compared to the standard bow anyway, you can move the hammock if its not in line with your tarp a lot easier and quicker, great set up!

February 2, 2010

mazadan @ 1:18 pm #

i use two carabina i got from cotswolds for £4 each with a snap gate and rated at 23KN thats a Lb 5000 break strain

February 24, 2010

NKGMAN @ 7:21 am #

Couldn’t hear a word u said

February 25, 2010

shad0h027 @ 7:14 pm #

Quite right, but this technique doesn’t really work with a DD hammock… can’t really say why, except it might be the dimensions of the hammock? I run a DD as well and tighter is better, for this particular rig.

February 27, 2010

lancejparrish @ 7:47 am #

Good looking out, Shad0h027! I’ve never had the opportunity to try out a DD. Sorry for the faulty beta, but thanks for giving it a try and letting us know. I usually use a Hennessy (which is designed for this technique), but I’ve been successful using it with other hammocks. I am interested to know if anyone can explain the reason why it works with some and not with others. I wouldn’t think that hammocks are all the complicated by design… Perhaps another video review is in order??? :-)

shad0h027 @ 9:49 am #

A DD travel hammock is about 8 feet 10 inches long by 4 feet 3 inches wide. A Grand Trunk single is 10′-6 long by 5′ wide (this is a Brazilian-style hammock). A Brazilian-style hammock needs to be bigger. The good news is, with the double bottom you can really put some tension on this hammock, and if you get a little diagonal the lay is reasonably flat. A Grand Trunk “Skeeter Beeter” is a gathered-end with mosi net and sized for Brazilian-hanging, but you don’t get the double bottom.

March 10, 2010

JakeReptiles @ 10:38 pm #

what is the DD hammock made of cus i cant find one anywhere so i just make one from a tarp and some para cord it works fine but it dose not look very nice

March 22, 2010

kobudo4 @ 7:17 pm #

A few questions mate.
Is that the DD Camping Hammock?
Are those lengths of para cord you have attached on the topside of the hammock your own additions?
What are the cord lengths for?
Also what Tenth Wonder hammock is it you own?
Which do you prefer?
Cheers Sean

March 23, 2010

seanmulhall @ 1:26 am #

This is the DD Hammock. Its the waterproof one. These do suffer with condensation issues. The 1 inch tape comes with the hammocks. The Tenth Wonder is the XL and was £13.00 off Ebay. For price the Tenth Wonder is better value but not as well constructed. I use both equally so dont favour either. The DD has the built in mosi net which is really useful.

May 30, 2010

weerobot @ 6:00 am #


August 1, 2010

DaveTPC @ 4:21 am #

Sleeping on a 1 to 7 line will sort this out pretty much on its own, rather than a 12 to 6 line with a banana back. Having a nice tight hammock will help.

August 14, 2010

hanghoodiescum @ 2:41 pm #

its crocadile dundee

October 22, 2010

asannder @ 8:08 am #

Suggestion… Just an observer here,.. if you were to lye a body horizontally, then divide it theoretically in half, or at the waist , I am estimating that the “torso-head” half would be 65-70% of total body weight for that individual.Assuming so, if you were to rack the hammock between the posts at a 40 degree angle, rather than a zero degree angle,,and then lye with your “torso-head” half on the elevated side, would you not then have more equilibrium respectively, gravity considered? ya?

October 28, 2010

assym2006 @ 10:38 am #

very cleaver. Thank you for sharing,

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